Wedding guide for future newlyweds


Welcome to this guide of tips for successful wedding photos! With over 10 years of experience and nearly 300 weddings captured both in France and abroad, I have gathered a wealth of valuable advice that I want to share with you.

My goal is to assist you in obtaining the best possible photos at every stage of your wedding.

This guide is divided into several sections, each addressing a key moment of the day from a photographic perspective. You will find recommendations and tips to optimize the organization of each step, resulting in unforgettable photos. In each section of the guide, I will share insights and advice based on my experience as a wedding photographer.

I will accompany you in the preparation of your event and help you achieve photos that perfectly reflect the atmosphere and emotions of this beautiful day from the couple’s preparations to the evening celebrations.


As we approach the wedding day, it's important to discuss the following key details:
Highlight moments and potential surprises: Let's talk about the special moments and any surprises you have planned. This will help me prepare and capture them beautifully.
Detailed photo schedule: We'll go over the timeline and allocate specific time slots for different photo sessions. This ensures we capture all the important shots efficiently.
Detailed wedding inspirations for decorations: Please share detailed information about the wedding decorations, including colors, flowers, accessories, etc. This helps me understand your vision and capture the ambiance and details accordingly.

By discussing these aspects in advance, we can work together to ensure your wedding photos reflect your vision and style. Feel free to share any additional thoughts or ideas you may have.



The Venue:

Choose a spacious and well-lit location for perfect photos. Outdoor settings like a shaded garden can also work beautifully. Ensure the space is well-organized for an elegant look.

Preparing the Accessories:

Stationery (invitations, menus, etc.)

Bride's bouquet/Groom's boutonniere

Bridal shoes, dress, wedding rings, jewelry, perfume

By organizing these elements ahead of time, we can ensure that everything is ready for capturing stunning and detailed shots on your wedding day.



During the bride's preparation, I recommend choosing an elegant and comfortable outfit for the hair and makeup session, such as a white satin robe. This will add a touch of elegance to your photos.

It is also recommended to surround yourself with a few close family members or friends to share your emotions and have meaningful moments with your wedding party. However, to avoid any additional stress, I advise limiting the number of people present.

⭐️ Additionally, I suggest enjoying a glass of champagne with the people around you. It adds a pleasant and photogenic element to the atmosphere.



The Timing:

Allow some extra time for the hair and makeup session to ensure that there is a dedicated moment for portrait photos after getting dressed.

This allows for capturing solo portraits and/or photos with your loved ones.

It's a special time to document your final look and the emotions shared with your close ones before the ceremony.

The ceremony

As your wedding photographer, my role is to capture the highlights of your ceremony.

Here are some tips to ensure successful and memorable photos during your wedding ceremony:




Ask your guests to set aside their phones during the ceremony to avoid distractions and to allow the procession to proceed smoothly. This way, everyone can fully immerse themselves in the present moment and enjoy the ceremony to the fullest.

If there are multiple couples forming the procession, please leave enough space between them so that I can capture individual photos of each person without rushing and obtain high-quality images.

The entrance of the couple is a crucial moment of the ceremony, a unique instant that you should savor by walking slowly. This will allow for capturing emotional and timeless images.




Finally, relax and savor every moment of your ceremony. I will take care of capturing the photos, allowing you to fully immerse yourselves in the love and emotions surrounding you

The highly emotional highlights of exchanging vows and rings should be prepared in advance. Learn the vows you will speak to each other and hold the ring by its sides without covering your fingers, so that I can capture all the details and emotions of this precious moment.

For an outdoor ceremony, choose a late afternoon hour to take advantage of soft and golden light, which is ideal for photos. Also, ensure that the chosen location for the couple is not half in shade and half in sunlight, depending on the time of day.


The cocktail hour is a special time to relax and enjoy a convivial moment. Here's how to capture beautiful memories:

• Details and Decorations: I will capture the intricate details and the beauty of the venue setup.

• Spontaneous Moments: Let yourself go, mingle with your guests, and fully enjoy these precious moments for memorable photos.

• Group Photos: Schedule them towards the end of the cocktail hour for natural and relaxed shots. Prepare a small list in advance to ensure no photo is missed.

• Couple Photos: Take advantage of the "golden hour" in the late afternoon for stunning photos with beautiful lighting.


As a wedding photographer, I can offer valuable advice to ensure successful couple photos. Here are some tips:

Plan in Advance: Share your preferences and ideas for the couple photoshoot, so we can be prepared on the big day.
Relax and Enjoy: Take this moment as an opportunity to enjoy each other's company. I will guide you throughout the session, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
Express Your Love: Embrace, kiss, and look at each other affectionately. These displays of love will capture the emotions of your wedding day.
Showcase Your Personality: Be yourselves to ensure the photos reflect your unique personality and relationship.
Choose the Right Timing: The golden hour, just before sunset, offers beautiful lighting for your couple photos.

By following these tips, you will have unforgettable couple photos that truly reflect the love and connection in your relationship. I am here to help you immortalize these precious moments.

The reception & Party

Here are some tips for successful wedding reception photos:

• Communicate Your Special Moments: If you have planned special moments such as a unique first dance or a surprise for your guests, let me know in advance so that I can capture them.

• Enjoy the Evening: The best way to get natural and candid photos is to have fun and fully enjoy your wedding reception.

• Include a Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth area to capture fun and playful photos of your guests, adding a lively and interactive element to the celebration.

By following these tips, your wedding reception photos will reflect the energy, joy, and key moments of your unique event.


Allow time for the following photos (as a guideline):

• Ceremony Space Photos without Guests: Schedule a time before the guests arrive to capture photos of the ceremony space without anyone present. This will showcase the decor, setup, and ambiance of the area.

• Table Photos without Guests and before Setup: Before the tables are set and the guests are seated, take some photos of the empty tables. This allows for clear shots of the table arrangements, centerpieces, and any special details.

• Wedding Cake Photos in Natural Light: If possible, plan to photograph the wedding cake in natural light. Find a well-lit area, such as near a window or outdoors, to capture the details, design, and beauty of the cake.

The big day is approaching, see you very soon !

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.